Fly Tying

Submit a fly pattern to Tattered Fly

Tattered Fly is looking for fly patterns to post. If you are interested in submitting a pattern here are a few guidelines:

Types of flies: Currently we are only accepting trout patterns, both dry and nymph. At the current time we are not looking to post salmon or steelhead flies.

To submit a pattern, send an email with the following:

  • Give the name of the fly along with what makes the fly unique or how you came to create the pattern.
  • List the types of water that the fly is good for along with how to fish the fly.
  • List the materials used in construction. (i.e. hook type and size, thread, hackle, wing, etc.)
  • Submit a photo of each logical step in the construction of the fly along with a brief description of the step. Make sure to describe complex steps clearly.
  • Photos should be in .jpg format and square. The size of the images should be a minimum of 300×300 pixels to a maximum of 500×500 pixels.
  • Include a short one paragraph bio and picture of yourself for the ‘About the Tyer’ section of the page.

Photography tips:

  • Use a macro or closeup lense.
  • Use a flash. If the flash washes out the fly because it is to bright-use one more pieces of white computer paper in front of the flash to reduce the brightness.
  • For the background-use a sheet of colored construction paper of a color not used in the fly to improve contrast with the fly.