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Starling Softhackle -By Tim Blount

About the Tyer
Tim Blount

Tim Blount
Tim grew up in Salem, Oregon where he fished the steelhead waters of the Northwest. He begun fly fishing at the age of 10 and tying at age 15. Tim's passions are fishing stillwaters, spring creeks and teaching other people to tie flies, cast and fly fish. He has written, or has been featured in, many articles in various fly fishing and outdoor mangazines. Most recently he was featured as the Innovative Fly Tier in the Winter 2006 edition of Northwest Fly Fishing. Tim has managed 5 fly shops in Oregon and Idaho and is currently the lead for Cabelas' largest fly shop at the Boise, Idaho store.


The Starling Softhackle is an attractor pattern that can imitate many emerging species. Fish it as you would any wet fly. Swing the fly by casting across and slightly downstream. Mend upstream and let the fly swing below you in the current. Expect takes at the end of the swing as the fly rises.


Hook: #18 Scud
Thread: 12/0 Red
Body & rib: Small silver wire & UV crystal flash
Hackle: Starling hackle

Starling Softhackle - Step 1

Step One Wrap the entire hook shank with thread.

Starling Softhackle - Step 2

Step Two Tie in both the small silver wire and the UV crystal flash.

Starling Softhackle - Step 3

Step Three Wrap the UV crystal flash along the length of the hook.

Starling Softhackle - Step 4

Step Four Counter wrap the wire.

Starling Cape

Starling cape

Starling Softhackle - Step 5

Step Five Fold back the hackle barbs by running a blade along the spine of the feather. This will cause the hackle to rise perpendicular to the spine. Then give the hackle several turns and tie off.

Completed Starling Softhackle

Completed Starling Softhackle