Weather on the Boise South Fork

4 October 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (2)

A series of 4 photographs taken of the same location over the period of 2 hours on the Boise South Fork 2 weeks ago. Between the 2nd and 3rd photograph a small squall of sleet moved through and scared off the few fisherman on the river. I waited it out and was rewarded with a nice hatch of blue wing olives that kept me pulling in rainbows until just before dark.

Boise South Fork #1 Boise South Fork #2

Boise South Fork #3 Boise South Fork #4



  1. 5 October 2006 mike

    Lovely looking river Dan. Reminds me a lot of one of my regular streams here in central Scotland.

  2. 14 October 2006 Dennis @

    Great photos Dan. Just read an article on the effects of rain during fishing and how it stimulates the hatch for certain species, stimulates feeding for trout (they think of the extra feed flowing through and potential negative effects of run-off), and the broken surface creates more cover from predators. Probably obvious to many of you, but an epiphany to me. That is why I love your site, not only amazing photos, but stimulates pescatorial thought as well.

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