Urban Fishing in Boise, Idaho

16 April 2006 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (1)

The latest copy of Outdoor Life showed up in my mailbox today and page 74 lists the “5 Top Spots for Urban Trout”. Coming away with the top honor as number 1 is Boise, Idaho with 2 ponds listed. Veteran’s Park Pond is near the state capitol and Park Center Pond, that is literally across the street from my office. Until recently when I moved offices I could look out the window and see the pond.

So let me get this straight… In the past year I have put 5 figure mileage on my car driving all over the state of Idaho to fish locations like the Middle Fork of the Salmon, South Fork of the Snake, Henry’s Fork, the Owhyee (technically in Oregon), Silver Creek and the Big Lost. And all along I had the number one urban fishing spot just a 2 minute walk across the street?

I didn’t have to use vacation time or drive for hours. I could have spent my lunch hours standing on the bank of Park Center Pond in my loafers with my sleeves rolled up, catching hatchery raised Kamploop triploid rainbows and still be back in time for a 1:00 meeting.

But then again it wouldn’t really be the same thing, would it? I’ll take the wild places and the wild trout any day of the week even if I burn up vacation time faster than I earn it.


  1. 16 April 2006 Dan Bachman

    Lest any of you think that “Urban Fishing in Boise, Idaho” is a oxymoron, you should try driving around town during rush hour.

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