Trout Grass

31 January 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (2)

Glen Brackett in Trout Grass Video If you’re looking for something to keep your fly fishing mojo going during the winter months then may I suggest the documentary Trout Grass. If you are a fan of bamboo rods as well then this is the show for you. I bought a copy back in December and finally got around watching it.

??Coursing from the verdant hills of Southern China to the sparkling streams of Montana, Trout Grass is a story of passion, international partnership and the discovery of place in our natural world. This unique documentary captures the 10,000-mile journey of bamboo’s transformation from a hardy species of grass to a super-conductive split-cane fly rod. ??

Released in 2005 it has received awards from no less than 5 movie festivals. The photography is amazing and features Hoagy Carmichael and Glen Brackett. If you don’t already own a bamboo rod, you will certainly want one by the time you finish watching Trout Grass.



  1. 13 February 2006 Alistair

    Got a copy a while back, nice DVD and certainly made me want to get out in th eriver again. I would have liked more actuall fishing at the end though as it was so nicely shot !

  2. 21 February 2006 David Rogers

    Bamboo can just get you going. Glenn Bracket has a way of eloquently talking of the “spiritual” nature of bamboo.

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