Ted Trueblood Chapter Meeting

14 March 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (0)

Tim Blount pulls starling feathers to tie into his aquatic diving beetle for use in still water and spring creeks. I attended the Ted Trueblood Trout Unlimited chapter meeting held last week at the MK Nature Center in Boise. Tim Blount from Idaho Angler tied some of his latest fly patterns for onlookers including some nice soft hackle varieties while people arrived.

Jimmy Gabettas, owner of Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler in Idaho Falls gave a great slide presentation on eastern Idaho waters. He discussed the different seasons, hatches and some of the conservation issues for many of the Eastern Idaho waters including: Palisades Creek, Chesterfield Reservoir, 24 Mile Reservoir, the Portneuf River, Stocking Ranch, Snake SF, waters on the Indian reservations and the Snake around Idaho Falls.

My list of different Idaho waters that I want to fish this year has now ballooned to almost 30, but I think I will be lucky if I get to 15.



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