Tattered Fly's One Year Anniversary

27 July 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (4)

One year ago today Tattered Fly was launched. Without expectation. Without any idea of how much work, and fun, it would become.

Here is a synopsis of what has happened in 365 days:

Number of articles served – 80+
Page views in the first month – 650
Page views so far this month – 19,361
Unique visitors to the site – 25,000+
Comments received – 204
Person commenting the most – Craig @ BSU
Number of pictures taken – 3246
Cameras dropped in the Owyhee river – 1
Flat tires – 2
Times I ran out of gas – 1
Craziest trip – Blizzard
Number of hate mails I received for posting about the Big Lost – 3
New rivers and lakes fished – 32
Months I fished in – 12
Miles put on my car/# of fish caught – Not a clue. But a lot.
Trout species caught – 8
Most memorable fish – 36+ inch steelhead buck I hooked, fought for 40 minutes and 1/2 mile downstream lost on the shore as I tried to land him
States fished in – CA, OR, ID, WY, MT, NV & UT
Number of waders I went through – 2
Number of fly lines I went through – 3
Number of rods I broke – 2
Sunburns received – 3 (I gotta remember to put sunscreen on BEFORE the first cast)
Coolest moment – My 6 year old daughter catching her first fish, a bass of all things, on a fly rod in the neighborhood pond.

First fish on a fly rod

The trip I am most excited about this year – Going for sea-run cutthroats on Oregon/Washington coast



  1. 27 July 2006 Murdock


  2. 28 July 2006 Craig

    Dan has it been a year already? wow I can’t believe it. Well congrats on year two, thank you for all the hard work you do a great job. I am sure I speak for everyone we are looking forward to another great year and fan gear! – Craig

  3. 28 July 2006 Megan

    I like your site, Dad

  4. 1 August 2006 Jay

    Nice blog! Hope to read & learn more from you!


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