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10 December 2005 By Dan Bachman • Gear • Comments (2)

I found myself fishing in some pretty remote locations this summer in the Idaho Sawtooths both on the South Fork and Middle Fork of the Salmon River. So I thought it best to put together a survival kit for the unexpected.

I started by using a Scientific Angler C&F Design 10-row waterproof fly box. The size is perfect at 7.75” x 4.48” x 1.65”. Large enough to hold what I need and small enough to throw in my fly vest. I removed the foam that would hold the flies and cleaned up the remaining sticky residue with some acetone leaving me with an empty box.

Survival Kit Survival Kit Survival Kit

I have supplies for signaling & navigation, medical, water & food, fire & light, and tools. It was a challenge to find some of the items that I was looking for, like a very small compass. But, I was able to find items on Ranger Joes, 3D Lens, ProLite Gear, Photon Light, and by visiting my local Sportsman Warehouse.

It all fits quite nicely in the box and here is what I have so far:

12 Katadyn Micropur MP 1 Water Purifier tablets
30 ft 30# test nylon coated steel snare wire
5 wire twist ties
Tongue depressor
5 ft duct tape
Dermatone Balm
Leatherman Micro (scissors, knife, tweezers, bottle opener, phillips screwdriver, nail file, regular screwdriver, ruler)
Starflash signal mirror
30 yds 20# test braided fishing line
20 yds 12# test monafilament fishing line
2 razor blades
3 chicken bullion cubes
2 sterile surgical suture kits
Fishing kit (15 hooks various sizes, resuseable lead shot, 3 ball-bearing swivels)
2 ft tinfoil
20mm button compass
Fresnel lens magnifier
20 Waterproof matches
3 needles
3 safety pins
1 paper clip
Micro LED Flashlight w/ spare set of batteries
6 assorted bandaids
2 gauze pads
6 butterfly closures
20 ft 550 parachute cord
Wire saw
Striker plate for matches
2 quarters
$20 bill
Water bag
2 sterile surgical scalpels
1 packet Aspirin
1 packet Ibuprofen
Aviation Spark-Lite (Tinder tabs & Flint Lighter)
Magnesium fire starter
Smaller fishing lure


  1. 1 February 2006 Rob Shofner

    What was the total weight of all this stuff.

  2. 1 February 2006 Dan Bachman

    Barely more than a pound.

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