Stanley Fish Hatchery

27 April 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (0)

I stopped by the Stanley Fish Hatchery during my steelhead trip to take a look and snapped a couple pictures. Until recently I didn’t know what a weir was or what a weir looked like. Weird huh? I just like saying ‘weir’. I figure I was not alone in not having seen a weir or a hatchery, so here you go.

The Weir-It blocks the entire width of the river.  Fish enter the hatchery by jumping into the pool opening on the left. Fish ladder in the hatchery where the fish work there way into one of the holding pens. Hatchery processing building

Closeup of one of the race lanes where the smolts grow until released.  Note the painted rock river bottom. Another view of the racelanes



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