Silver Creek Preserve Spring Volunteer Days

27 March 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (0)

Silver Creek

From our friends at the Silver Creek Preserve!

We hope you are enjoying the last hurrah of winter and looking forward to spring. Here at The Nature Conservancy’s Silver Creek Preserve, we are still covered with snow. However, we’re getting ready for several outside projects. Please have a look at the project descriptions below and let us know if you would be able to participate.

All of them are great opportunities to volunteer, learn and contribute to community service. As many of you know, Silver Creek is a place impacted by many factors, and our volunteer help is a positive interaction that improves the quality of everyone’s lives here: birds, fish and people alike.

April: FIRST WEEK – 4 people needed to help plant rushes

May: 13 + 14 – ten people per day need to install bio-logs and other re-vegetation materials in portions of Stalker Creek. This is part of an on-going restoration aimed at enhancing trout spawning and rearing habitat as well as stream bank habitat for birds and mammals. More people per day will accomplish tasks faster; less per day means more involvement for each person)

May: LAST WEEKS – 6 people needed to rebuild/expand garden, possibly construct small greenhouse/nursery

June: MID MONTH – 6 to 8 people needed to move several access trails around Kilpatrick pond (days of project duration not yet determined)

Those are the projects for the beginning of the spring/summer season. We hope you will see an opportunity to lend a hand. For each one we will provide refreshments and mid-day meals. Come work out some of your spring fever!


Dayna Smith at 788-7910 or, or Lynea Newcomer at same phone #,


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