Zen and the Art of Silver Creek (Part 2)

24 October 2005 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (4)

Having finally caught my first fish at Silver Creek left me wanting more and bigger fish. The baetis continued to come off for pretty much the rest of the day and 15 fish came to rest in my net before the day was over. 5 browns and 10 rainbows. The biggest was a nice rainbow of 14 inches.

With each of my fishing trips I try to come away with at least one thing learned in anticipation of becoming a better fly fisherman. This particular day on Silver Creek was a day where I learned a considerable amount about fishing the crystal clear waters of a spring creek. Here is a recap of the more important things I came away with…

First-It is nearly impossible to lay a dry fly on the water of a pool with a glass-like surface without spooking fish. At least with my experience level in clear water like this. Even with 6X tippet and a long 15 foot leader I would have to cast upstream of the pool and let the fly drift into the glass to have any hope of success. I caught the most fish by laying line and flies on top of disturbed water.

Second-Stalking fish needs to become an art form for those wishing to catch lunkers in these waters. No less than 5 times during the day when approaching big fish as carefully as I could I would see fish turn tail and run. On one occasion I was over 50 feet away. Stay low, walk slow and never pass between the sun and a fish.

Third-Cast down or down and across. When the first thing a fish could see was my fly rather than my line, I caught more. Casting upstream past a rising fish only worked once and then only when the surface was rippled masking the line.

Finally, I saw some big beautiful fish sitting on the bottom. We’re talking 25+ inch beauties here. Since I am not a well practiced nympher I have something else to work on as well as looking forward to next June when these big boys rise to suck down Brown Drakes


  1. 25 October 2005 Craig

    Dan your thoughts have been very helpful for me. I have been learning how to fly fish over this fall semester at BSU and your blog here has been very helpful, thanks.

  2. 25 October 2005 Dan Bachman

    Craig-Glad you like it. It has been a lot of fun. Where have you been fishing lately?

  3. 26 October 2005 Craig

    For the class we went to the south fork of the Boise and ended up only being able to nymph… caught lots of whitefish, I have been staying downtown catching rainbows.

  4. 16 December 2005 Rex Bachman

    Downtown catching RAINBOWS???!!! Hurt me some more.Rex

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