Silver Creek Evening

1 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (1)

I didn’t make it to opening day on Silver Creek because of personal obligations. Not that I would have gone—combat fishing is not really my thing. Although someday I will have to go just to see the crowds.

After waiting a couple days for the excitement to die down I drove over last night after work to get a couple hours in on the creek. It’s one of the only games around for fishing right now with quite a few rivers blown out with runoff.

The weather was in the mid 70’s and small fish were rising consistently when I first arrived. I spent a couple hours casting to little splashy fish while waiting for the sunset madness that is typical this time of year on the creek.

The creek channel and beds have changed dramatically from last year. Silt deposits have made the channel run faster in some areas and slower in others. I finally found a channel that looked good and had produced well for me last year. I sat down away from the bank in the grass to watch and wait.

Silver Creek Evening As dusk approached the smaller fish that were eagerly snapping at everything stopped and the water lay calm for quite awhile. Downstream I soon noticed a large ripple ring spread from a take. Then another this time a little closer upstream. A large brown came into view and sat in the seam directly out from me.

A PMD hatch was on and the big fish had come out to eat. I tied on a callibaetis thorax pattern figuring that most of the flies on the water were more of a silhouette in the waning light. I cast directly across and upstream and the fly went unnoticed as it crossed the brown’s position. When 3 feet past the brown turned downstream charged the fly and took it in one big gulp.

Silver Creek Evening With 6X tippet I knew I didn’t have much of a chance in landing the 18-20 inch fish as he charged madly downstream. I worked to keep him under control as best I could but when I had him within 15 feet and the net ready—the tippet popped.

I quickly tied on a length of 5X tippet while searching for a new quarry. Another fish began to rise from the same spot as the brown before I finished clinching on a new fly.

I cast to the seccond fish three times before the fly was once again taken eagerly. This time a rainbow of nearly identical size went airborne twice before throwing the barbless hook.

I walked up from the river as the last rays of light dissappeared, eagerly anticipating the Brown Drake hatch in just a few more days.

You can view information regarding the silt on Silver Creek on the Nature Conservancy Blog


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  1. 2 June 2006 Jim Batsel

    I really appreciate all the info you bring to this site. I especially like your ” real time” fish reports.

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