Silver Creek Brown Trout

20 July 2006 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (3)

Silver Creek Brown Trout Having fished mostly smaller creeks and streams the past couple weeks I needed a fix of bigger fish. Catching the evening caddis hatch on Silver Creek did the trick. The hatch was of epic proportions with caddis flying in my nose and mouth on more than one occasion and with only the pale hint of light in the western sky big browns came out to play. With a trusty CDC Henry’s Fork Caddis on the end of my line I landed a couple nice browns and a rainbow.

Silver Creek Sunset Silver Creek Caddis Hatch Don't leave your dome light on with the door open



  1. 23 July 2006 John Zarian

    Dan- I loved your web site! Check out this car, the Boxfish, inspired by the fish skeleton and principles of nature— Link

    Best, John

  2. 29 July 2006 Jeremy Tittle

    What section does that caddis hatch occur on? Down near the point of rocks or in the conservancy? Might explain why the fish weren’t to hungry the next morning when i was there. Should of been here yesterday

    Man… this site is styled to the hilt!

  3. 29 July 2006 Dan Bachman

    John-thanks for the comment.

    Jeremy-the caddis was coming off in both the conservancy section and at point of rocks. I left point of rocks about 10:00 PM and caught the brown in the float tube section just below the conservancy.

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