Restoration Work on Silver Creek

20 May 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (2)

I spent last Saturday over at the Silver Creek Preserve helping with conservation work on the Creek. According to Dayna Smith, the preserve manager, they had a great turnout the day before on Friday and had completed a majority of the work. Nearly a dozen people turned out on Saturday including volunteers and TNC employees.

Stalker Creek Silver Creek Preserve Manager - Dayna Smith

Most of the work was done on Stalker Creek, a feeder creek to Silver Creek. Bio-logs were put in place to deepen and narrow the channel and Bulrush plugs were planted along the bank to shade the water as they grow. Silt was shoveled from the channel and placed between the bio-logs and the bank to fill in the space and to expose the creek bed gravel.

Shoveling Silt Stalker Creek Conservation Work Stalker Creek Bio-logs

Around noon we drove to the Eastern side of the preserve and finished demolition of the Old Farm Bridge that crosses Loving Creek in preparation for a new bridge that will be built. Old rotting logs were staked along the bank downstream from the bridge location giving new meaning to the word “bio-logs”. We probably made a few trout unhappy as they were using the partially sunken logs as cover. Dayna fed the volunteers a late lunch before calling it a day on the restoration work.

Old Farm Bridge Trout on Lovely Creek Huge Brown on Stalker Creek

The highlight of the day for me was floating the creek in a canoe in the late afternoon. I was able to see parts of the creek that are hard to access by foot and I was able to make a few notes on where some of the really big trout hang out.

Overall I noticed the water was quite a bit higher than during my October Trip to the Preserve and not quite as clear. But that is to be expected in the spring even on a spring creek.

Canoeing the Creek



  1. 21 May 2006 Jim Batsel

    I havn’t been there in years.I remember casting a hopper to some huge browns but the surface tension on my leader left a shadow about an inch wide on the creek bottom.
    Can a person float tube any or all of the sections without a lot of trouble?

  2. 21 May 2006 Dan Bachman

    A majority of the conservation section of Silver Creek is fairly shallow and I wouldn’t recommend using a float tube. The further downstream you go the deeper it gets. On the Conservation section there is a “float tube only” section below Loving Creek. You can see a map showing the float tube section here.

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