PJ's Second Fish

29 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (2)

PJ and a Silver Creek Rainbow After 5 amazing days spent fishing Yellowstone we packed up the campsite and headed for home. About halfway across the state of Idaho the lure of Silver Creek was just too great and we had to line up the rods one more time. The use of the word “we” is probably not appropriate. My 9 year old son PJ was more than happy to keep playing video games on his Gameboy and besides he had already caught a fish on this trip. The last stop was just a delay to “getting home”.

Only a promise that he would catch a fish would get him to turn off the Gameboy and join me on the river, which I did without thinking. The thinking part came on the walk down to the river. What was I thinking? The sum total of PJ’s fly fishing experience was about 10 hours on the water and here I was telling him that he would catch a fish on one of the most technical waters in the state. Gotta come up with something quick. I checked my vest for my streamer box and sure enough it held one last wooly bugger. A big black conehead.

After ferrying him across the creek to a small sandbar covered in grass and tying on the wooly bugger I showed him the likely spot. A deep channel along a cut bank. His first couple casts were awkward and short but the third was gold and a rainbow grabbed the offering almost as it hit the water. PJ stumble backward to pull the fish close where I netted a 12 inch rainbow. This fish made the trip. A big one like dad catches.


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  1. 29 June 2006 Elliott Leonard

    Wow P.J. that is a cool fish! (Nice Braces)

  2. 9 July 2006 Markus Schlegel

    I really enjoy reading your stories about PJ. I too fish with my son Isaiah who is seven and to hear the phrase “a big one like dad catches” kind of makes you feel a little warm and fuzzy…..great job. Isaiah is going for fish number two as well this year.

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