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Pahsimeroi on Moen Ranch The Shoshone Indian name for a tall grass, Pahsimeroi is also the name given to the valley where the grass is found.

In December of 2004, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) purchased the 1,040 acre Moen Ranch in the Pahsimeroi Valley. The property abuts an additional 760 acres that TNC hold conservation easements on. Several articles were written by local newspapers at the time, but I have been unable to find any updates in the 14 months since. So I decided to start poking around to see what information I could find that would be interesting to fly fisherman and readers of Tattered Fly.

The original plan put forth by TNC included 3 phase objectives to sell different parcels with attached conservation easements. The first phase is to sell 198 acres to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. According to Mark Davidson, TNC’s Conservation Manager for Central Idaho, it is anticipated that this part of the transaction will be completed within the next 60 day. Public access will be given on this particular parcel.

Kathy Cousins with IDFG told me that the current hope is that there will be a temporary public access point on the Nature Conservancy property beginning with opening day this coming May. There are several occupied ranch buildings on the property that will be moved within the next 3 years. Once the buildings have been moved a permanent access point will be constructed that will include a new bridge on the property.

The fishing regulations for the conservancy section of the river will most likely not change for the upcoming season. Bob Esselman in the IDFG Salmon Office said the IDFG will monitor fishing usage which historically has been very low. Bob believes that the remoteness of the location contributes to the low number of anglers and commented that on Opening Day 2005 he didn’t see another angler while fly fishing the Pahsimeroi.

Map & Getting there
Google Map of the Pahsimeroi Valley

From Stanley take Highway 75 for 55 miles to Challis and then take Highway 93 another 20 miles to the Pahsimeroi Valley.

Rainbow Trout
Bull Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Chinook Salmon

The Nature Conservancy has several conservation projects that they hope to complete this spring and summer and would welcome all the volunteers willing to help. As these projects are scheduled I will be posting a calendar to keep those interested informed of the dates.



  1. 11 March 2006 Craig

    Thank you for the info. I bet that the development of the property causes traffic increases over the next few years. I don’t know much about where to go so I really appreciate all that you put on here add this to the places to check out this summer, thanks again! – Craig

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