Opening Day

3 April 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (3)

With the Idaho winter fishing season having wrapped up this past Friday I’m left wondering what I am going to do for the next 2 months to fill the void. With exactly 54 days until the madness that is opening day for the Idaho regular fishing season is here, I can fish in other states. Utah, Oregon and Wyoming have a good number of waters that are open to fishing.

There are a few Idaho lakes and at least one river that can be fished during the next two months as well. But I am already excited for a Yellowstone trip I have planned for June to fish the Firehole with my dad and a fishing video that I am putting together about opening day on Silver Creek.

And while I may be one of several hundred thousand fly fisherman in the state of Idaho, I am convinced that I am one of only one Major League Baseball fans in the state. Baseball in Idaho is on par in popularity with Cricket or Australian rules football, or maybe even Formula One racing. But it works out nicely that this Opening Day starts today and is a nice filler until the Saturday before Memorial day.



  1. 4 April 2006 Jim Batsel

    The fly fishing bug bit me 35 years ago. In the off season, I fish stillwaters for trout, bass and panfish. I cant sit and watch baseball especially for 9 innings!

    Tying a few flies helps too!

    Love your site. You’ve made my favorites list.

  2. 4 April 2006 Author

    Jim-I’m resisting the the warm water species for now. But stillwater trout are calling my name.

  3. 4 April 2006 Craig

    Opening week is great when Barroids Bonds gets tossed a turkey baster in the middle of the game. One can only assume what/where/how that might be used maybe he needs a little more of the clear to polish up those muscles.

    War teams from the west getting shot down by other teams…. NOT…
    UCLA v. Florida
    USC v. Texas
    Seattle v. Pittsburgh
    What happened there?

    And then the wrong Chicago team winning but i’ll take it, it’s better than the pinstripes…. NBA is a bust… MLS is a bust although premiere league has been fun lately… go Manchester! College football spring camp is on and that is fun… Orange and Blue game is coming up soon, GO BRONCOS!

    I am going to take a shot at fishing some of the “family” ponds from around here in the valley and see if I can’t curb the itch a little. (fish talk to keep me honest)


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