Old Martin Fly Reel

25 November 2005 By Dan Bachman • Gear • Comments (0)

Old Martin Fly Reel On the way to California last week we stopped by my parents for a visit. While talking fly fishing with my Dad we pulled out an old tackle box from the garage. Among other things in the box, I found my very first reel that I used while learning to fly fish. It’s an old Martin right hand retrieve. I now use left hand retrieve reels. I am not sure where my Dad got it from when he gave it to me to first use. We speculate it might have been one of my grandpa’s reels. But you can see that it has seen a lot of use, but it works perfectly. When my dad first let me use it he was using a Martin or Perrine automatic reel. I remember thinking how cool that was and I wanted one as well. I tried an automatic on a couple of outings but have used a traditional fly reel ever since.



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