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23 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (7)

After nearly 5 months of brainstorming, design & development the new site has gone live. Currently only the blog is available but in the coming weeks we will turn on the forums, the map & fishing reports, followed by the Trout Chronicles, fly tying and the media sections.

You’ll notice a couple new features on the blog. The first is the new sidebar called “Back Cast” where I will link to fly fishing stories, articles or news that are interesting.

Another new feature is how you view photos. Previously when you clicked on a thumbnail the photo would appear in a pop-up window. We’ve done away with the pop-ups and use a technology called Lightbox where the images now appear in the same browser window. For articles with multiple picures you can browse through the navigation you see on each photo.

The archive has been improved as well and you are now able to sort the article list by name or subject.

A huge thanks to Hugh Griffith for the incredible design and to Nathan Smith for writing the code. Both have endured my constant changes and enthusiasm for the site.

Finally—I anticipate that we have not found every bug. If you see something odd or broken drop me an email dan at tatteredfly dot com.


Update: Not all the older articles have been migrated to the new format. So the pictures are not clickable and the text formatting will look broken. It will take a few days to go through and clean up the old articles.


  1. 24 June 2006 Dan Bachman Sr.

    Nice going! I especially like those pictures of you fishing. How do you take pictures of yourself?


  2. 25 June 2006 Jim Batsel


    Looks great . Can’t wait for the forums.

  3. 25 June 2006 Bill Crelin

    looks good…......just don’t change too much. For those of us stuck hundreds of miles away from where we want to be … was the simple presentation of good writing and wonderful images that brought us back every day.

  4. 25 June 2006 Yannick

    Nice re-design and since I’m late to the party congrats on joining 9rules.

  5. 26 June 2006 Eric

    Beautiful Website!

    This page is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Great design! It’ll help me make it through those necessary breaks between getting my line wet.

  6. 27 June 2006 Matt (aka Mithrill)

    Another nice design. I’m not into fly fishing, but if I was this would be the place to go. I found your site via Nathan Smith. Keep up the good work.

  7. 12 July 2006 Joe

    Beautiful Website

    I’m only a web programmer not a fisherman

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