Kokanee Running on Boise South Fork

12 September 2006 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (3)

Running Kokanee Kokanee are now running up the South Fork of the Boise out of Anderson reservoir to their spawning grounds. Last fall I was near Pine, Idaho and witnessed the event. Hundreds of red-bodied fish sitting in deep holes and porpoising in the current. I marked the end of August and first part of September on my calendar for a trip this year.

Kokanee feed mostly on zooplankton and will not eagerly take a fly in most circumstances. But, like most fish, become agressive during the spawn. Preparation for the trip included talking to quite a few fisherman that have experience with kokanee. Fish nymph patterns deep was the common theme. Kokanee won’t normally move to hit a nymph pattern, but if you can bump them in the nose they will snap at it.

Kokanee It was nearly 3 hours into casting various nymphs patterns at different depths before I had my first pull from a kokanee. Quite a few nice sized rainbows had taken the nymphs and gone airborne when hooked and I thought this to be the same. The bright red side of the fish showed clearly when it lept from the water and tail thrashed so quickly back and forth that it sounded like a fan as it arced through the air. For a 13 inch fish it was quite the fighter. Having seen pictures of kokanee I was struck by how beautiful this little fish really is. The salmon colored sides contrasted against the green of their heads.

It was definately worth the trip and quite a change from your normal trout fly fishing.

Boise South Fork near Pine



  1. 20 September 2006 Jim Batsel


    No offense Dan, but ever since the “speed-clinch”, every time I visit your site my computer loads “Quick-Time” and it has caused some freeze ups.I guess I have to remove some dll’s.Anyway,keep up the good work and have you fished the “O” lately?

  2. 22 September 2006 Cory Phillips

    Just got of the SF tonight and saw many Kokanee in the riffles below Cow Creek Bridge!

  3. 26 September 2006 Dan Bachman

    I’m aware of the issue with Quicktime. On future videos that I release they will only load when you click the video-I hope. I haven’t been to the Owyhee in over a month. I’m getting that itch though.

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