Kern River Trout Species in California

11 November 2005 By Dan Bachman • The-Trout-Chronicles • Comments (1)

I’m going with the wife and kids to Disneyland next week. We’re driving and on the way home I have sqeezed time into the schedule to spend most of a day on the Kern Rivers(Little Kern, SF Kern & Kern mainstem) near Sequoia National Park. This means that I have a chance to knock another couple species of trout off my list. Trout species in this area include:

South Fork Kern Golden Trout
Golden Trout Creek Golden Trout
Little Kern River Golden Trout
and the Kern River Rainbow Trout

You know I am coming back with pictures and at least one or two off the list.

11/25/2005 Follow up—View the pictures and results of my fly fishing trip to the Kern River



  1. 12 November 2005 Craig

    Dan, Have a safe trip and good luck on the fishing. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of them! – Craig

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