Idaho Winter Fishing Season Ends...

28 February 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (5)

The winter fishing season ends today March 31st on some of my favorite Idaho rivers that have a winter season. This leaves your fellow fly fishing blogger with a dilemma…. What to do until the main 2006 fishing season kicks off on Memorial Day weekend?

Let’s see – I could design a new Tattered Fly website that would provide a wealth of information and new features such as a discussion board and videos. I’m doing that, so check.

I could take a trip to an Idaho river that is open year round. With a trip scheduled to the Snake SF in a couple weeks I have this one covered too.

I could write an article for a major fly fishing magazine’s website. Check. More about this in a later entry.

I could also go through all the pictures I have taken this year and share some that have yet to be shown. That’s a good idea so here goes the first.

I visited the South Fork of the Boise, above Anderson reservoir back in August just at the start of the Kokanee run. I caught several nice rainbows and an obligatory whitefish or two but no luck with the Kokanees. I hear they are great eating and plentiful too. But I don’t have a clue on what to show to Kokanee to get them to take the hook.

I tried a SJ worm, egg patterns and streamers with no luck. But I got a pretty neat picture of a pod sitting in a hole under a bridge.

Enjoy the pics.

South Fork of Boise near Pine Kokanee Salmon on Spawning Run South Fork of Boise near Pine



  1. 28 February 2006 Steve Hogan

    Great Site! Really enjoy dropping in. Try the trophy ponds at the duck valley indian reservation in april when most moving water is closed. They will be iced out and the fish are hungry.

  2. 28 February 2006 Eric Kowalczuk

    Your local, Thatknows the Oyhee R. From what I’ve been hearing , the brown fishing on the river is going to be blown out by all the recent rain and current that is flowing down the river. How ever I told you about my well kept secret.. You never did respond about if your related to Bob Bachman from Kuna. I could throw a rock and hit his place. Well if I had a arm like M. Vick Eric

  3. 28 February 2006 Dan Bachman

    Eric-Yeah I’ve heard the Owyhee is a mess as well. I haven’t been over to see it though… and no, no relation to Bob that I know of. I’m keepin’ your secret spot just that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 1 March 2006 Craig

    Dan-Usually around October I head over to Sisters, Oregon for a little retreat. During this time the Kokanee are running and are all over the place. The only problem is that they don’t seem to be feeding much. I have sat and watched them for hours and not seen a single rise even with all kinds of food stuffs on the surface. I haven’t ever been there with my fly rod though but I would imagine that everything is subsurface type takes or off the bottom. Even in that crystal clear water in the cascade range it is hard to tell what the fish are up to under the water. From what I understand about running fish they will conserve all their energy for going upstream and only eating what basically hits them right on the nose. I am not sure if this is true about these guys but I bet it is.

  5. 7 March 2006 Dan Bachman

    Just to clarify-the winter section of Silver Creek closed on 02/28. The majority of the other Idaho winter fishing seaon rivers closes on March 31.

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