Photo Essay of Henry's Fork Area Waters Part 1

25 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (2)

Here are a few pictures of waters nearby to Henry’s Fork to wrap up the Yellowstone trip. We simply did not have enough time to fish everywhere that we wanted to and some of the waters were not yet fishable. But I did snap a few pics.

Warm River

Easily the most fishable of the three rivers shown here, the Warm River was high but fairly clear. Both fly fisherman and bait casters that I talked to on the water told me they were having luck. Pictures are from June 3rd and with the 3 weeks of runoff since, I’ve got to think the Warm River is fishing very nicely right now.

Warm River from Highway 47 Warm River Fisherman Warm River

Teton River

You can’t beat the scenery surrounding the Teton River, unless of course you’re fishing the Snake River on the Wyoming side of the Tetons. The river is another story looking like chocolate milk. It was very high and running over it’s banks in a few places. I imagine it will be a while before the Teton is fishing good.

View of the Tetons from Driggs, Idaho

Teton River near Driggs Teton River near Driggs

Falls River

The Falls River looked more like a kayakers dream rather than a fishable river when we stopped to take a look. I think I’ll stop by this one in the fall.

Falls River near confluence with Henry's Fork Falls River near confluence with Henry's Fork Falls River east of Ashton



  1. 26 June 2006 Dan Bachman Sr.


    A+ on the photography, especially the Tetons from Driggs. I saw the same view on my way up and was sorely tempted to stop and take a picture, but my little Nikon wouldn’t have done it justice as you have here. I needed my SLR and didn’t bring it. The new Tattered Fly looks nice, and I’m betting people will be hollerin for more photos….


  2. 2 July 2006 Russ Ford

    I downloaded your interview on the Recreational Fishing podcast. Never fished Idaho but after looking over your blog I’m going to have to change that!

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