Henry's Lake Outlet on the Henry's Fork

12 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (1)

The first fishing stop made on the way to Yellowstone was to the Henry’s Fork. More specifically, the Henry’s Lake outlet. We had good information that big fish from the lake had washed over the dam and were holding in the river below.

Henry's Lake Outlet Henry's Lake Outlet

My 9 year old son, PJ, accompanied me on the trip and as we approached the river on a dirt access road, dark clouds loomed ominously on the horizon. Just as we arrived a couple fisherman from California were packing up and said the fishing had been great until the weather had begun to change. Not good news, but we were not to be deterred.

Henry's Lake Outlet Cutthroat PJ's First Fish

The outlet of Henry’s lake is surrounded by private property along the first mile of river below the dam and required that we wade upstream in the water. It took nearly half an hour to catch the first, and what would be the only cutthroat on the river. The lousy headshot of the cutthroat is the only pic that I have of it. It jumped for the freedom of the water as I held it for a picture. The gill plates were covered in color.

Below a riffle I noticed a fish taking something from the foam line. With a small stimulator tied on his rod, PJ cast to the spot in the water that I pointed at and after several casts caught and landed his first fish on a fly rod, a small 8 inch rainbow.

Brook Trout from the Henry's Lake Outlet Brook Trout and Rod Ominous Clouds over the Henry's Lake Outlet

Threatening clouds soon began to roll under the escort of thunder. As we headed back to the car, I caught a pair of brook trout on a soft hackle drifted against a grassy bank before the wind and rain sent us back on the road to Yellowstone.



  1. 16 June 2006 Scott

    That looks great. My mom has a cabin on Henry’s lake and I have fished the outlet a few times. That is a great area for your son to catch a first on a fly.

    The report is great. I will be up there next month and hope I have some success.


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