Fly of the Year-Harrop's BWO CDC Biot Emerger

9 November 2005 By Dan Bachman • Flies • Comments (0)

House of Harrop BWO CDC Biot Emerger I nominate the House of Harrop Blue Wing Olive CDC Biot Emerger as the fly of the year…well at least for me anyway.

This is the first year that I have fished emerger patterns with any regularity and they produced huge for me. I caught fish with this fly at the following locations this summer and fall:

Silver Creek
South Fork of the Boise River
South Fork of the Snake River
The Firehole River
The Owyhee

How can one fly be effective at so many diverse locations? Well first of all let me say that in every case I was fishing when a Baetis hatch was coming off-so no brainer on that one. But I wasn’t near as successful when I fished a BWO dun pattern.

I would agree with Rene Harrop when he says that transitional patterns are more effective due to a couple of reasons. First off-fish have become wary to the more common patterns. The increased fishing pressure has exposed them to the same patterns over and over. Secondly-fish key on the more vulnerable lifecycle of the fly. Emergers struggling in the film are more of a sure thing meal when compared to duns flitting on the surface of the water.

When you only dress the CDC hackle the fly rides low with the admomen hanging down in the film. Using a Duncan Loop to attach the fly to the tippet allowing the fly to move more freely in the water and you have a killer combination.


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