Hardy Angel Reel

15 November 2005 By Dan Bachman • Gear • Comments (0)

Hardy Angel Reel The first thing you notice when you pick up a Hardy Angel Reel is the design. The modern look of this large arbor reel is a departure from the classic designs from this British company and destined to become a classic in it’s own right. The anodized aluminum imparts a non-glare surface that is very different from normal reel finishes and will prevent the occasional spooking of fish by light reflections.

Drag adjustment on the reel is a unique approach as well. A large dial on the side opposite of the reel handle allows easy adjustment. With just a little practice I was able to make drag adjustments while reeling in fish by using my pinky finger on my rod hand. The large size of the drag dial allows for finer control of the drag as well when compared to smaller drag knobs found on many reels. The sealed drag system is low maintenance and imparts a very smooth drag through the use of Hardy’s proprietary twin Rulon brake pads.

Hardy adds a high-tech touch by using Texalium, an aluminium powder coated mesh on the reel handle. It looks like silver carbon fiber and has a slight texture that prevent one’s fingers from slipping off when wet. Hardy states that the Texalium handle provides a “warm, comfortable grip in all weather conditions”. Although on a recent trip while fishing in a snow storm I couldn’t really tell since my fingers were already cold from touching wet metal parts on my rod and reel.

Weight for the Hardy reel comes in at a little above average with the #4/5 reel at 6 oz. By comparison a Tibor Tail Water CL #5/6 is one of the lightest at 4.2 oz. But depending on the particular rod that you pair an Angel with, it may balance out perfectly.

The sound of this reel must be experienced to be fully appreciated. It has an outstanding voice when playing a fish. A 22 inch brown on the Owyhee River this past August pulled line from my reel no less than 5 times before I finally landed him. When I did I was surrounded by 3 fellow fishermen that wanted to know “how big is the fish” and “what kind of reel is that.”

The Hardy Angel is available is sizes from #4/5 up to #11/12. Priced from $500 to $655 which puts it squarely in Hardy’s target demographic, the ‘well-heeled’. But then again this is a case where you truly get what you pay for.

-Drag adjustment
-Non-glare Finish
-Sound when line is being stripped


Rating 4 out of 5 flies



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