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7 November 2005 By Dan Bachman • Gear • Comments (1)

Furled Leader Recently there was a discussion on one of the fly fishing chat boards that I frequent regarding furled leaders. I have never used a furled leader or even seen one being used. Furled leaders are not to be confused with hand tied (knotted) leaders. Twisted from fine monafilament or thread they do not contain any knots that can snag on weeds. Since my local fly shops don’t carry them I asked one gentlemen on the chat board if he would sell me one of his hand made furled leaders. I didn’t want to invest in the materials to make my own until I knew if I liked them or not. He responded saying that he would send me one for free! How cool is that? I love this sport.

An envelope arrived in the mail shortly thereafter which contained both a 6 foot furled leader with a loop on each end along with instruction on how to make leaders from 4 1/2 to 7 feet long. With my rod in hand along with my new furled leader I tested it at my neighborhood pond. The first thing that I noticed is that furled leaders have absolutely no memory. Mine laid out nearly perfectly straight on every cast on the water. Second is how softly a furled leader lands on the water. I am anxious to see how it performs with a 20 inch rainbow on the end. I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks Al!


  1. 29 November 2005 Jack

    Ive been using a furled leader for several seasons and really enjoy the versatility of using them. I tried a braided leader for one season and didn’t like the amount of spray it produced when making a cast. The furled leader doesn’t produce any noticeable spray. Also, I find that I can quickly adjust the tippet to fish nymphs or dry flies.

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