Flat Ranch on the Henry's Fork

15 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (2)

Located between Henry’s Lake outlet and Mack’s Inn, the Henry’s Fork flows through Flat Ranch on it’s course south. The Nature Conservancy holds 1600 acres of land that is open to the public and catch and release fishing.

From the parking lot to the river is a half mile walk through the wild flowers of Henry’s Lake “Flats”. The river meandors slowly through the oxbow turns in the scenic valley.

Flat Ranch Wild Flowers at Flat Ranch Henry's Fork at Flat Ranch

We stopped by Flat Ranch on Sunday afternoon with every intent to fish but after making the long walk out to the river we found that the cutthroat were spawning and pulled in our lines. Flat Ranch has been added to my list of places to fish on a later trip.



  1. 16 June 2006 Ian Scott

    What a nice blog you have! I just discovered it today – the images are great.

    I’m envious of your proximity to some great Western waters… although here in Ontario, we don’t do too badly :)

  2. 25 June 2006 TROI

    Amazing photos… love them all. What beautiful places.

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