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14 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (1)

We did a little sight-seeing in Yellowstone last Tuesday driving up to Mammoth Springs for lunch. The route from the Madison Junction campground took us along the Gibbon river most of the way. Prior to the trip I had read the very latest fishing reports on the Gibbon and pretty much across the board they advised against fishing it yet. “High” and “murky” were the words used to desribe it. After stopping along the river in several places I decided that either the information was out of date or things change really quick in the park.

Gibbon Falls Gibbon River Author Fishing the Gibbon

Above Gibbon Falls in the upper section of the river, what I will call the freestone section, the water ran mostly clear with good visibility to the bottom. I saw a couple fly anglers along the way and picked out a couple promising spots for the return trip later in the day.

On the upper meadow section, the river meanders through high valleys and buffalo and elk grazed in the meadow. The water on this section of the river ran more clear than the freestone section. A quick walk of the area showed only a couple of small fish along this section of the river.

Meandering Gibbon River Buffalo on the Gibbon

After lunch at Mammoth Springs we headed back down to the freestone section of the river. I fished mostly the top and bottom of deeper pools and caught quite a few small brown trout that would eagerly take dry flies. A small Henry’s Fork Caddis pattern worked well. Most of the fish were in the 10-13 inch range and I missed the biggest trout on the river when I drifted a fly against a grassy undercut bank. A 20+ inch trout drifted out and snapped at the fly, but the hook failed to set. The Gibbon has a diverse mix of water types along it’s route and amazing scenery to boot.

Gibbon Brown Trout Gibbon Brown Trout Gibbon River



  1. 26 June 2006 Dan Bachman Sr.

    Another A + on the photos. Keep it up!


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