First Annual Tattered Fly Photo Contest

24 January 2007 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (3)

I’ve seen a lot of great fishing photos taken by amateurs posted on the web lately. It got me to thinking that it would be fun to host a photo contest here on Tattered Fly. So I’ve decided to hold a contest and put together a prize package for the winner including:

Tattered Fly tee-shirt
Tattered Fly baseball cap
DVD-Sporting Fly’s Vol. 1 Alaska-Kenai River
One dozen assorted House of Harrop flies
Certificate for $20 off a $50 purchase at Anglers fly shop in Boise
Anything else that I find in my fishing bins that I can dump on the winner

One honorable mention will receive a Tattered Fly baseball cap as well.

Here are da rules:

1. Each user may submit up to 3 photos.
2. Submitted photos must have been taken by submitter.
3. Photos must be fishing related in some way.
4. Host your photo on your own host or with a service like or and post your image(s) as a response here in the forum. Learn how to post a pic in the forum here.
5. Photographs need to be submitted by midnight on February 28, 2007.

So head over the forum where you can view entries and post your own pics.

UPDATE: You will want to keep the width of your images to 670 pixels or less to allow them to fit in the forum window.



  1. 28 January 2007 Matt

    The pics submitted already are just awesome. I can’t even compete! Who let the pros in this thing?

  2. 29 January 2007 Erik

    Any chance on a deadline extension?

  3. 29 January 2007 Dan Bachman

    Erik-Contest runs for another 29 days. You’ve still got time to get it in under the wire. :)

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