Firehole Canyon

9 June 2006 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (0)

Monday afternoon in Yellowstone found me creeping along the bank in the lower canyon of the Firehole looking over pine trees for salmon flies. It didn’t take long to find the tell-tale exoskeletons from moltings. Live bugs were covering the branches of some trees. Very few salmon flies were airborne, but those that were seemed to find my face and neck the most convenient landing spot.

Firehole in an un-fishable canyon Firehole Canyon Salmon Fly

Dead drifting a large salmon fly dry in the riffles didn’t produce a single bite in the lowest section of the canyon. Moving upstream to step water I found boulders the size of SUV’s guarding pools that looked more promising.

The first cast into the riffles drifted into a seam and was readily taken by a small brown as it crossed the slower water of the deep pool. Few casts were rejected as I continued to work from pool to pool catching fiesty yet small browns.

Firehole Canyon Firehole Canyon Brown

The best water on this section of the river was a deep slow moving side channel that emerged from a fallen log. A 14 inch brown inhaled the large fly and ran down the channel with the fight of a much larger fish. Powerfully strong for his size it took a good couple of minutes to land the proud brown. After longer than normal time spent removing the deeply imbedded fly I lowered the fish into the water hoping to revive it quickly. As the brown’s head entered the water he gave a strong flip of his tail sending a spray of water on his captor and shot downstream for deeper water.



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