A FAT Brown Trout in Fall Colors

30 October 2005 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (0)

Orange, golds and reds color the sides and bellies of Brown Trout this time each year as they prepare to spawn. In addition to the colors they are also the fattest having spent the summer storing up for the spawn and then the winter cold. On a fishing trip to the Owyhee River last week a Trico spinner fall was is full effect when I arrived. Spent Trico spinners covered the water and browns were only sipping down those naturals that were in their 2 inch wide feeding lane. A #22 Trico presented perfectly on the end of my line was sucked down by a nicely colored buck. I caught another half dozen browns before the day was over but, this one was easily the fattest brown I have caught on the Owyhee to date.

The Excitement-Brown Trout Rising for Tricos
The Excitement-Brown trout rising for Tricos

The Natural-Spent Trico Spinner on Owyhee
The Natural-A spent Trico Spinner

The Fake-Harrop's CDC Biot Paraspinner Trico size 22
The Fake-Harrop’s CDC Biot Paraspinner Trico size 22

The Prize-A fat brown in fall colors
The Prize-A fat brown in fall colors



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