Boise River Steelhead

10 November 2006 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (0)

Boise River Steelheaders Yesterday the IDFG planted about 1/3 of the planned 1000 fall steelhead in the Boise River. I dropped by the river at Barber Park in the late afternoon to see the combat fishing well underway. Steelhead were porpoising quite regularly among the 30 or 40 fisherman that lined the banks. And a few were hooked and landed while I watched. I finally couldn’t take my role as an observer any longer and ran home to grab my pole and waders.

When I got back the activity had slowed quite a bit and it had started to rain lightly. I had a single pull on a lightning bug nymph that lasted all of 2 seconds. As light hail began to fall I switched to a polar shrimp thinking that the bright pattern might help in the falling light. It worked almost immediately. I was expecting a little less fight in a fish the traveled by truck from the Hell’s Canyon hatchery. It gave good fight although not a strong as a couple I caught last spring on the upper Salmon.

Boise River Steelhead



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