15 February 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (4)

The comment contest that I started back on January 11th wrapped up today. The number of comments to articles did increase dramatically with the most being made on the contest entry itself.

Thanks to everybody that participated and provided comments. Craig is winner #1 and will receive free flies. (Send me your address Craig)

Winner #2 was based on a random number. I had hoped to received more comments and aimed high. The number I had picked was 67. The site received half of that so the flies will go back in the kiddy for another contest to be run at a future date. I will sweeten the pot on the next contest by throwing in additional fishing swag.

As a side note—I am currently working on a new version of Tattered Fly that will include maps of Idaho, fishing reports, media (pics & video) and a bulletin board. This will dramatically increase the amount of content. I hope to have it complete before Memorial for the upcoming season. Stay tuned.


  1. 15 February 2006 Craig

    WOW!!!! I can’t wait to see the new website!!! I talked to Tim at The Riverkeeper they are working on a new version also. I really hope the flows pan out for a good spring of fishing in the area! All the sunshine we have been getting is making me more and more anxious to get out there and fish!

  2. 15 February 2006 Hugh

    Hi Dan, Have you checked out the regional e-zine with forums called Westfly? (

    There’s a very lively Idaho contingent on the Idaho state board who go by the name of the Steelhead Ninjas. We have fun trading comments and fishing info. Check it out. Site moderator is Scott Richmond, a well-known author of Oregon fishing books.

    Hugh (FatFreddie on the Oregon board)

  3. 20 February 2006 Dan Bachman

    Hugh-Yes I have been to Westfly. It has a wealth of information. I especially like the bug info.

  4. 25 February 2006 Craig

    I received the flies from the contest today and I must say that they are spectacular. The amount of detail built into these flies is amazing I am tempted to make a drive out to trout hunter to buy a stash of them :). Thanks again Dan!!!

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