East Fork of the Big Wood

18 July 2006 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (0)

East Fork of the Big Wood With the Big Wood still coming into fishing shape I decided to do some small stream exploring and drove a couple miles past the pavement end on the East Fork. Thickly surrounded by willows and trees the East Fork is a small creek but holds brookies and suprisingly big rainbows that are possible leftovers from the spawn. In addition to the mosquito swarm (make sure and take your bug spray if you go) a PMD hatch was coming off from the numerous shaded pools.

With a clinched Comparadun on the end of my line I caught mostly small fish from 2 and 3 foot deep pools. The suprise came from fishing 6 inch deep riffles when a nice rainbow took my fly and ran upstream.

East Fork of the Big Wood Comparadun East Fork Rainbow



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