Another Trip to MF of the Salmon

14 August 2005 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (1)

I am hooked on the MF of the Salmon River right now. Zen-master fly fishermen, Dan Adams, and I decided to hike in and camp on the river this past weekend. We took our two oldest daughters and hiked in a mile and a half north of the Dagger Falls campground parking lot. We found a nice little spot to camp in the trees near a long stretch of the river that had long deep gin clear pools. The fishing was incredible for most of the rest of the day. At one point I counted over 30 fish rise in less than a 5 minute span. In the first hour that Dan was on the water he caught 9 or 10 Cuts and later in the day he caught a nice Bull Trout. Little cream colored moths were falling in the water everywhere and getting hammered by Cuts. Unfortunately we had left our elk-hair caddis flies back in the car but we made do with on the river modifications to flies that were close.

At about 7:00 on Saturday morning I caught five 12-14 inch Cuts in less than 30 minutes on a size 14 orange stimulator. The amazing thing was that we only caught 2 or 3 Rainbows or juvenile Steelhead during the 2 days we fished above the falls. On a previous trip below Dagger Falls the majority of the catch were young Steelhead.

Enjoy the pics!

Dagger Falls on MF of the Salmon Dan Adams casting to a rising Cutthroat A nice little Cut

Come on fish-jump out of the water for the camera! Dan Adams in a nice pool Author casting to a rising fish

Author with a Westslope Cutthroat



  1. 10 January 2006 Mike

    Your accounts and pictures of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River have resulted in me adding this to my ‘gotta go there’ list. Spectacular scenery, and well captured! Keep ‘em coming!

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