Owyhee Outed as Terrific Cast & Blast

6 January 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (0)

Outdoor Life While I am not necessarily opposed to ‘hot-spotting’ (after all that is a little bit about what this blog does) I am not thrilled with an article in a recent edition of Outdoor Life magazine (Nov 2005). It touts the Owhyee river as one of the “besting hunting/fishing combo trips in the West”. I’ve mentioned the Owyhee in several entries over the past few months:

Fly Fishing the Owyhee
A Fat Brown on the Owyhee
Beauty of a Brown Trout

It’s bound to get a little more crowded there now considering the impact of Outdoor Life article. I couldn’t determine the circulation for Outdoor Life in my research this morning. But I am sure it is considerably more than the 1300+ unique visitors that Tattered Fly had last month.



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