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27 September 2006 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (3)

Mint stats
Sometime Monday night Tattered Fly hit 100,000 pageviews and 36,500 unique visitors since last December when I installed Mint, a wonderful little webstats program. 65% of those visits have come in the last 3 months as traffic continues to build and grow. Simply amazing is all I have to say. Who’d a thunk it?

On a side note: In the next couple weeks I will release 2 new features on Tattered Fly that will move it from the category of blog to website. Both the discussion forum and the location pages will have the ‘on’ switch flipped.

The forum will let you discuss all things related to Idaho fly fishing while the location pages will have detailed information about many of the different waters here in Idaho and a couple of the surrounding states. It will also have quite a few pictures from my library of over 3000 photographs that I have taken on my many trips.

Stay tuned.


  1. 27 September 2006 Nathan Smith

    Woot! Mint rocks, doesn’t it? Such a productivity killer. If my boss knew how many times I checked it per day… Oh wait, shoot.

  2. 3 October 2006 Murdock

    Congratuations! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see the photos.

  3. 3 October 2006 Murdock

    Ummm. I intended to say congratulations.

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