Simms Wader Line Updated

29 October 2007 By Dan Bachman • Gear • Comments (0)

If you’re in the market for some new waders, now might be the perfect time to act. Simms has started shipping updated 2008 versions of some of their waders freeing retailers to offer discounts on the old models.

Simms is using GORE-TEX® Pro Shell now on the G3 Guide along with moving the seam to the front and back of the leg. The neoprene foot has been redesigned similar to the G4 foot as well…


Brown Drakes on Silver Creek

18 June 2007 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (2)

Silver Creek Moonrise during Brown Drake Hatch.  Few hatches in Idaho match the excitement and madness that is the Brown Drake Hatch on Silver Creek. Anticipated by fly anglers for miles around, large browns and rainbows rise recklessly to the surface just after sunset during the first weeks of June each year.

Even though there wasn’t a single report yet that drakes had come off, I found myself making the long drive to Silver Creek two weeks ago hoping to catch the famed hatch and the fish it inspires. Several anglers were gearing up when I arrived with a few more standing along the bank laying claim to their piece of the creek…


Opening Day on Silver Creek - photo essay

1 June 2007 By Dan Bachman • Fishing-Spots • Comments (6)

Dawn on Silver Creek Silver Creek Rainbow Rise Silver Creek Morning

Nine Float Tubers on Silver Creek Lone Angler on Silver Creek


B-Run Steelhead on the South Fork Clearwater

8 March 2007 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (13)

South Fork Clearwater River A good amount of my time each summer as a Boy Scout was spent at a certain alpine lake in Northern Utah. When the other scouts and I were not rolling boulders into the lake or earning merit badges, we were fishing. Using good ole plastic worms and a spin cast setup, our Scoutmaster would yell ‘SHAMU’ each time he would hook into a fish and after reeling in he would hold up the 6 or 7 inch monster trout. Funny as it was back then, calling a fish Shamu never seemed more appropriate than it did on steelhead caught this past weekend on the South Fork of the Clearwater near Grangeville, Idaho.

B-run steelhead of the Clearwater river are notorious for their tremendous size. Aside from the Skeena river system in British Columbia, few steelhead match the size of Clearwater B-runs in North America…


Photo Contest Winners Announced

5 March 2007 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (8)

Tattered Fly’s First Annual Fly Fishing Photography contest was closed to entries at midnight on February 28th. The contest turned out to be quite popular and the quality and number of entries continues to amaze me. I have already received offers from individuals and companies wishing to pitch in for the prize package on next year’s photo contest.

I must say that I came away with a few pieces of inspiration and am amazed by how many fly fishers also engage in artistic endeavors. Modern science needs to do a study on the genetic linkage between the fly fishing gene and the artistic gene. I’m sure that it would be ground breaking stuff. But I digress…

The winning image really stood out as an amazing piece. The honorable mention was considerably harder and in the end I could not decide between two.

So it is without further ado that I announce the winners…


Steelhead on the Little Salmon

21 February 2007 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (2)

Dan Bachman with Little Salmon Steelhead The steelhead action is picking up around the state as the weather warms up a bit from the January chill. Idaho Fish and Game’s weekly steelhead fishing report shows an increase in both the anglers and fish caught over the past two weeks. My ‘secret source’ in Riggins tells me that steelheading on the Little Salmon has been improving the last couple weeks as well…


Photography Program at the Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo

19 February 2007 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (0)

Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo 2007 This year’s 14th annual Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo will be held April 20-21 in Idaho Falls at it’s normal venue, the Shilo Inn. Nearly 150 tiers will be showing off their techniques and creations in what has become a very popular show.

Along with the exhibitors and workshops, several programs are presented each year that are free to all attendees. At this year’s Expo I will be presenting the program, Photography Basics for Fisherman. So if you are planning on attending this year’s expo, stop by, give a listen and say hi. It’s always fun to meet Tattered Fly readers.

UPDATE: The program has been scheduled for Friday(April 20th) at 2:30 PM.


Fly Tying Section of Tattered Fly is Live

15 February 2007 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (2)

'Lectric Stayner DucktailIt’s finally here! Tattered Fly’s Fly Tying section of the website is up and live. You can find the permanent link to Fly Tying in the top navigation bar of this website.

Fly tyer extraordinaire, Tim Blount, will be providing several of his unique fly patterns to start and we hope to roll out a new pattern every week or so. Tim has started with his ‘Electric Stayner Ducktail pattern. Each fly pattern shown will show pictures of each stage of construction to walk you through the steps to create the fly…


The Changing Course of a River

10 February 2007 By Dan Bachman • Day-Spent-Fishing • Comments (4)

Big Wood in Winter ‘My rod swings through season and time.
Across the trout cline.’ -Me

Fishing the same runs, holes and stretches of a river or stream each season is normal for even the most casual fly fisherman. While I love to explore new sections of a river, there is solace in fishing what you know and tossing flies near the same large rock year after year…


Trout Underground

1 February 2007 By Dan Bachman • Other • Comments (0)

Trout Underground Blog Take a minute to check out Tom Chandler’s Trout Underground blog. Tom’s home water is the upper Sacramento River and he is currently planning his fishing year. It looks like he may get over to Tennessee and Maine here in ’07.

He knows that if he makes it to Tattered Fly country he has a standing offer with Yours Truly to show him a couple of my favorite spots, some of which haven’t been mentioned here on Tattered Fly. Not yet anyway.

Tom has a comic wit and posts enough entries to make this blogger’s head hurt. He can even relate the most obscure news to fly fishing. How’s he do that? I think he has it pretty bad for fly fishing.

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